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Red Line Single Barrel 4 Pack

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Size: 750ML (4)

Barrel# 195, 63, 166 & 87/153

Distillation: Indiana

Finish: Vanilla Brandy Casks, X.O. Cognac Casks, Barbados Rum Casks & 6 Year Straight Bourbon


1. Red Line 6 Year Single Barrel Cask Strength Straight Bourbon Whiskey CANA W&S Pick 116
proof – Brad Morley hand selected this straight Bourbon Barrel pic for his clients. Brad had personally tasted over 40 unique barrels, finally selecting Barrel #157. “This is one of the finest Bourbon’s I have ever tasted, it is the full expression of what a cask strength straight bourbon should taste like. It has wonderful, sweet roll in the front of the palate followed with notes of vanilla, spice, and candied cinnamon. Sitting at 116 proof, you would think you are drinking one at 106, there is nothing hot on this Bourbon.”

2. Red Line Straight Bourbon Whiskey finished in Barbados Rum Casks Experimental Cask Series113 proof- This is a 6-year-old Straight Bourbon finished in X-Barbados Rum Barrels for approximately 6 months. This Bourbon takes some nice flavors of apple peal, caramel, and brown sugar. Again, Red Line Bourbons do not feel the proof in the palate. This is as smooth as they come, which is proving to be a trend with all Red Line ‘s Bourbons.

3. Red Line Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in Vanilla Brandy Casks Experimental Cask Series 111 proof – This is a 6-year-old Straight Bourbon finished in French Vanilla Brandy Casks for approximately 5 months. This is one of my favorite drinkers, WOW. The sweet roll on your lips of raw sugar, leading into an everlasting vanilla profile from the beginning to the finish. You need to taste this for yourself.

4. Red Line Straight Bourbon Whiskey Finished in X.O. Cognac Casks Experimental Cask Series 114 proof – This is a 6-year-old Straight Bourbon finished in French X.O. Cognac Casks for approximately 4-5 months. This Bourbon starts off with beautiful spice and quickly leads into flavors of dark chocolate, chocolate milk shake, vanilla… A must try !!


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