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G4 Limited Edition Dia de Los Muertos Tequila Reposado

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G4 introduces, in a special and limited edition release commemorating Dia de Los Muertos, 5,000 hand-numbered bottles of exceptionally crafted tequila. Each bottle is encased in specially made coffin boxes, presenting a unique touch. Notably, every bottle showcases three unique combinations of badges on their tops.

G4 is meticulously crafted using enhanced traditional methods, with a focus on the magic that unfolds during the fermentation process. De Madera, in particular, undergoes full fermentation in new Pine Wood tanks instead of steel, infusing distinctive flavors into the tequila. Coupled with the use of well water and seven months of aging in G4's nearly ancient George Dickel American whiskey barrels, this limited edition offers a tapestry of unique and highly complex flavors. Expect semi-sweet barrel notes, roasted agave with white pepper and spices, culminating in a long and soft finish.

Size: 750ml

Proof: 84 (42% ABV)

Origin: Jalisco, Mexico

Distillery: G4 Tequilas


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